Facility Admission Agreement

If you are not satisfied with the terms, try negotiating another agreement and amending the agreement to reflect that. Both parties change, as do any other legal documents. You can, for example. B, negotiate reduced notice if you feel you may be moving in the future. There is no charge for the provision of an agreement. Daily room fees for routine care services begin on the day of admission. No charge is charged for the day of release, unless RESIDENT leaves the facility after 11:00 a.m.m. In this case, an additional tax equal to the daily allowance is levied for routine care services. The RESIDENT is informed before the RESIDENT is moved to another room inside the facility. In the event that a transfer or unloading of the agency is necessary, these measures are taken in accordance with MARWOOD`s involuntary delegation/discharge policy, made available to RESIDENT at the time of approval. MARWOOD, its management and staff do not assume responsibility for accidents resulting in injury, while RESIDENT is in a temporary temporary absence from the marwood facility and is therefore aiscustody and controllable by MARWOOD. If RESIDENT leaves MARWOOD permanently with or without the consent of the doctor or management, MARWOOD, its management and staff are relieved of any responsibility for injuries resulting from the termination of residence. Note that a health care facility does not charge a fee for benefits covered by the Regional Public Health Authority`s contract, such as medication and family doctor visits, if the resident has been deemed to be fit for purpose.

MARWOOD is not responsible or responsible for the actions or behaviours of doctors, residents or guests of the MARWOOD establishment that may cause bodily or material damage. MARWOOD does not accept the requirement to diagnose or prescribe treatment for resident if RESIDENT appoints an independent physician. If your organization currently has an authorization agreement, it is very likely that the new RoPs will be revised.

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